November 2009

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Assembly of Imaging Train

I assembled the Van Slyke Super Stack today.  I wrote a detailed review of the Super Stack that will hopefully get posted to Cloudy Nights AstroClassifieds, and iceinspace.  The only problem I had with assembly was getting the telescope docking converter threaded on.  The tight tolerances of the VSI female threads didn't like the loose tolerances of the Meade male threads.  A little WD-40, 7 or so iterations of threading on and off, and clean up of the contaminated threads resulted in the converter threading on nicely.

Delivery of Imaging Train

I received the Van Slyke Super Stack today. After unpacking the order, I stood back and gazed at the components to truly appreciate how well everything is made.

Delivery of the OTA and Focal Reducer

I picked up the Meade 16" ACF OTA today at Khanscope.  Also picked up the Optec NextGen Ultra Wide Field 0.7X and mounting plate. A friend helped with his van since the OTA box was too big to fit inside the Jeep Patriot. The OTA arrived at Newcastle Observatory at 11:46 AM, and we off-loaded the box from the van and in through the double front doors. Unpacking took about 30 minutes.  Packing tape and box staples had to be removed, and the outer box slipped off.  The OTA box is a box within a box.  The OTA itself was encased in four thick foam blocks.