January 2010

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Installing the DSI T-Thread Adapter Plate

Got around to mating the plate to the DSI today. I was concerned with unscrewing the four phillips screws that secure the Meade filter bar holder.  The screws are very small and I didn't have a phillips head screwdriver of that size.  So I used a small slot head screwdriver.  Scopestuff supplies 4 phillips head screws and washers (plus one extra set) to secure the plate to the DSI. These screws had larger heads and I was able to use a "0" phillips screwdriver.

Delivery of DSI T-Thread Adapter Plate

Received the plate today.  Looks good.

Configuring the CCD and Focal Reducer to the Imaging Train

Since my first priority is doing science, I wanted to mount the photometric filters.  I opened up the front of the camera to get at the filter wheel.  I mounted the BVRI filter set, re-installed the filter wheel, and closed up the camera.

I also mounted the Optec NextGEN Ultra WideField 0.7XL focal reducer to the QSI.  This will effectively keep dust out of the camera chamber containing the filter wheel.

I then mounted the camera to the VSI Super Stack.  The overall profile was a little more than I expected.

New CCD Arrives

The QSI 516ws CCD camera arrived on Wednesday, January 13, and Heather picked it up for me on Wednesday, January 21.  I unpacked the order today.  It arrived in a Pelican case, which is nice piece of hardware in itself.

Ordering the DSI T-Thread Adapter Plate

Ordered this $39US adapter plate (part #DSIF) from Scopestuff today and it was shipped the same day.  Now I'll be able to get an extended life from my DSI as a guider CCD.