April 2010

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Mercury-Venus Conjunction

Took several images with the Canon XSI of the conjunction near the western horizon.

BVRI Filter Positions, DSI OAG Focus, QSI/DSI FOV, ASCOM Connections

I removed the QSI from the MegaPort SideWinder (MPSW) and disassembled the filter wheel chassis to take note of the BVRI and no filter, filter wheel positions. The following positions are entered into MaxIm DL:

Position Filter
-------- ------
1.    B
2.    V
3.    Rc
4.    Ic
5.    No Filter (empty)

Before the filter wheel chassis was reassembled and the QSI re-mounted to the MPSW, I inspected for any dust and blew out using a pressurized can air.  The QSI was re-mounted to the MPSW without incident.