May 2010

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QSI Camera Error 2204 & 1500 / POI Adjustment

I tried another Autosave sequence, but got the same camera errors as last night.

QSI Camera Errors 2204 & 1500

Tried doing an Autosave sequence for a run of flats through BVRcIc filters.  I set up variable exposure times for each filter that gave about half-well capacity, and took 11 frames for each filter.  After going through the B filter set and a few frames into the V filter set, the camera froze with the error "Camera Error (2204)".  I lost the ability to take any additional frames.  Disconnecting and reconnecting the camera created error "Error opening camera Could not initialize camera (1500)".

Imaging, Collimating MPSW TOP/Bottom Ports, Centre Telescope Calibration

Started off getting 12 luminance images of M63 (300 sec. subs). Guiding is good in RA (~1 arc-second PE RMS). Seeing was average (3/5).

Tried collimating the MegaPort SideWinder top and bottom ports to each other and the rear port, but there is not enough "slack" in X or Y axis of the ports to accomplish this. I may need to collimate the top and bottom ports to each other first, then collimate the rear port to the top/bottom port.

Took 6 luminance images of M13 (300 sec. subs). Seeing got better compared to the FWHM values of M63 earlier in the night.