February 2011

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Mrk 421 Campaign

Newcastle Observatory is participating in a concerted multi-wavelength campaign to observe Markarian 421 - a BL Lacerta type object.

The goals are to study the flux over a long baseline and over timescales as short as a few minutes.  This will provide opportunity to gather data should the source flare. These observations will permit a better understanding of the underlying physics in Markian 421 in particular, and in BL Lacerta objects in general.

First GRB Imaged

Newcastle Observatory Detects a Gamma Ray Burst.

On 5 February UT, the field of GRB 110205A detected by SWIFT (trigger 444643) was observed, beginning approximately 49 minutes after the GRB trigger, with the Newcastle Observatory 0.4 meter robotic telescope, located in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada (Bortle Class 4-5 sky). Observations were made under transparent skies, but with poor seeing. Weather was good with an ambient temperature of -4C. No Moon was present.

Upgraded to ACP 6.0

DC-3 Dreams issued a major release to ACP today.  I upgraded ACP to version 6.0 tonight.