August 2011

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Comet Captured

While not spectacular, C2009 P1 Garradd is one of the brightest comets visible during the summer of 2011  From some dark skies in the rural area and a pair of binoculars, this solar system visitor should be visible.  Currently at magnitude ~8, the comet will brighten during the month of August.

This image is a composite of images totaling 11 minutes taken on 2011-08-05 between 04:18 and 04:24 UT using the 0.4m telescope. Note the faint, but broad dust trail that flows below the coma (head) of the comet.

Lunar Eclipse Movie

The Total Lunar eclipse on December 12, 2010 was memorable, and it will be sometime before North America witnesses a similar phenomenon.  A movie of the eclipse was compiled from images taken with equipment at Newcastle Observatory.

Lunar Eclipse 2010.12.21

Right-click on the movie to access playback controls. Zoom to full screen for the best experience.