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QSI Camera Error 2204 & 1500 / POI Adjustment

I tried another Autosave sequence, but got the same camera errors as last night.

QSI Camera Errors 2204 & 1500

Tried doing an Autosave sequence for a run of flats through BVRcIc filters.  I set up variable exposure times for each filter that gave about half-well capacity, and took 11 frames for each filter.  After going through the B filter set and a few frames into the V filter set, the camera froze with the error "Camera Error (2204)".  I lost the ability to take any additional frames.  Disconnecting and reconnecting the camera created error "Error opening camera Could not initialize camera (1500)".

Imaging, Collimating MPSW TOP/Bottom Ports, Centre Telescope Calibration

Started off getting 12 luminance images of M63 (300 sec. subs). Guiding is good in RA (~1 arc-second PE RMS). Seeing was average (3/5).

Tried collimating the MegaPort SideWinder top and bottom ports to each other and the rear port, but there is not enough "slack" in X or Y axis of the ports to accomplish this. I may need to collimate the top and bottom ports to each other first, then collimate the rear port to the top/bottom port.

Took 6 luminance images of M13 (300 sec. subs). Seeing got better compared to the FWHM values of M63 earlier in the night.

Mercury-Venus Conjunction

Took several images with the Canon XSI of the conjunction near the western horizon.

BVRI Filter Positions, DSI OAG Focus, QSI/DSI FOV, ASCOM Connections

I removed the QSI from the MegaPort SideWinder (MPSW) and disassembled the filter wheel chassis to take note of the BVRI and no filter, filter wheel positions. The following positions are entered into MaxIm DL:

Position Filter
-------- ------
1.    B
2.    V
3.    Rc
4.    Ic
5.    No Filter (empty)

Before the filter wheel chassis was reassembled and the QSI re-mounted to the MPSW, I inspected for any dust and blew out using a pressurized can air.  The QSI was re-mounted to the MPSW without incident.

DSI/MDL Autoguiding Calibration and Halting, and Loss of Telescope Tracking



First Variable Data / FITS Header / MaxPoint Trial

Imaged BG Gem at 9:05 PM DST (1:05:15 2010-03-25 UT). Pinpoint operational. Tested writing values to FITS header. Downloaded, installed, configured, and did Auto Calibration of MaxPoint.  Had to figure out the exposure. First 12-star run only found 2 stars.  Lengthened exposure time to 15 seconds and binned the CCD to 3. MaxPoint is a really excellent program.  The Maxpoint telescope pointing errors and observation errors are shown below.


Start-up / Shut Down Procedures

Wrote a simple checklist to start-up and shut down all scope, dome, instrument hardware and software.

MaxmDL Licence / Plate Scale

Entered the MaxIm DL licence as received via e-mail form Cyanogen.

Calculated and verified plate scale using AIP4WIN, ALADIN, ECU, and MaxIm DL

Focal length: 2830 mm
Plate Scale: 0.64"/pixel
FOV: 16.5' x 11.0'

2nd RS-232 Connection / Dew heater Cable Management

On Tuesday the 16th, I picked up a second 9-pin gender changer and two DB-9 to RJ modular adapters.  I think these are for RJ-45 but the RJ-11 plugs work in them as well.


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