2nd RS-232 Connection / Dew heater Cable Management

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On Tuesday the 16th, I picked up a second 9-pin gender changer and two DB-9 to RJ modular adapters.  I think these are for RJ-45 but the RJ-11 plugs work in them as well. Even though I only need three wires, I already had a 6-conducter flat wire cable to use.  My first attempt at making a connection failed because I did not push in the modular wires deep enough into the back of the DB-9 plug.  You have to seat them in until yo here a little click.  Once I figured that out, I was able to make a connection to the mount with the PulseGuide software on one COM port, and another connection using another client such as ECU and DDW through POTH. I used Velcro to tie off the dew heater cable to the west fork tine.