Polar Altitude Adjustment, AutoFocus, DSI Off-axis Guiding, Imaging Test

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I began the night by adjusting the polar axis altitude by drift aligning on a star near the eastern horizon.  There were a few back and forth initerations before I figured out which way to turn the altitude screw on the polar base.

After a little head-scratching, I figured out how to configure FocusMax (FM) with RoboFocus (RF) on the Van Slyke (VSI) OMG5.  The initial First Light Wizard attempts in FM ended quickly in failure.

I had  to refer to the RF manual, and then recalled that I had to train RF on the OMG5 first so that RF knows the maximum in and out position as well as the focus travel in steps.

The First Light Wizard in FM worked beautifully for a first attempt; PID difference of about 50.

I then tried to set up the DSI CCD in the off-axis port of the VSI SW.  I can't quite reach focus, so I either have to shorten the adapter, or try using the focal reducer.

Took a first light image with the QSIws; M3, 30 seconds. Tracking, FWHM, flatness, and off-axis image quality look good.