Seyfert Galaxies

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AAVSO Alert Notice 443: Long-term monitoring of four AGN in support of ground-based spectroscopy,

Beginning July 10 and continuing through to November 2011, surveillance of two (2) Seyfert galaxies will be conducted in support of the Southern Telescope AGN Reverberation Experiment (STARE).  As indicated on the STARE web site, the goal is to measure the masses of black holes that exist in the cores of these galaxies:

NGC 6814
NGC 7213
NGC 7469
NGC 1566

However, given the declination of NGC 7213 and NGC 1556, these objects cannot be monitored from the Newcastle Observatory latitude;  the objects are below the horizon.

Photometric monitoring of NGC 6814 and NGC 7469 will be conducted once per night using BVRcIc filters and reported to the AAVSO.