Moon Calendars

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Moon Calendar Posters

Show daily Moon phase, librations, maximum and minimum declination, perigee, apogee, largest and smallest Full Moon of the year, farthest and nearest Moon for the year, new for 2018 Full Moon names, conjunctions (< ten degrees separation) and occultations of planets and stars, major meteor showers, Julian date for the 1st of each month, and  upper culmination (transit) of Polaris useful for polar alignment of telescope mounts.

New for 2018, download is available in PNG format.

The native size of the poster is 11" x 17", so it is best to use the PDF file which will enable you to scale the calendar to your printer paper size or bring to a print service to print to even larger poster paper.

Make the Moon calendar better! Please use the contact form to suggest ideas for future Moon calendars.

Available downloads:

Some calendars have been revised since their initial upload. Please refresh your browser to ensure that you get the most recent edition of the PDF or JPG file.

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2015 PDF JPG (revised files uploaded 2015-02-03 03:00 UT)

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