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Mrk 421 Campaign

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Newcastle Observatory is participating in a concerted multi-wavelength campaign to observe Markarian 421 - a BL Lacerta type object.

The goals are to study the flux over a long baseline and over timescales as short as a few minutes.  This will provide opportunity to gather data should the source flare. These observations will permit a better understanding of the underlying physics in Markian 421 in particular, and in BL Lacerta objects in general.

The 0.4m telescope at Newcastle Observatory will be used to take time-series exposures over many hours per night in the BVRcIc bands. This time-series coincides with observations taken by RXTE, SWIFT, VERITAS, Whipple, and MAGIC instruments.

Further information on the campaign can be found here.

Instruments participating in the campaign, together with the (approximate) observation schedule can be found here.