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Shutter Contact Plate Replacement

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I read that when dissimilar materials (e.g. aluminium and cooper) come into contact with each other, galvanic corrosion can occur, which is caused by the difference in electrical potential between the two metals.  This corrosion can affect conductivity at the contact plates, impeding power to the shutter motor.  In dry climates, galvanic corrosion is not much of a concern, but when relative humidity reaches much higher levels, then electrolytes can form from the moisture in the air.

In this case, the OEM bottom plates on the base are aluminium, and the OEM upper loops on the dome are copper.  After I fabricated and installed a weather seal between the base and the dome (to keep out driving snow), I had to redesign the shutter contacts.  The new contact plates and loops are made from the same aluminium alloy.  The plates are now square loops that extend above the top of the DSR.  This was done so that the dome loops would clear the fasteners (black clamp at bottom centre) that holds down the DSR weather seal (beige material) that was installed.