Ordering the Imaging Train

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After considering focusers from various vendors, I opted for the Van Slyke line of imaging train components.  I e-mailed Paul Van Slyke on August 28, 2009 to describe that I wanted the Omegatoad focuser, and assorted docking converters and output adapters to be used with an Astro-Physics focal reducer (CCDT67) and QSI 526ws CCD.  His reply of September 4 provided a quote and some useful perspective. After much thought, I decided to upgrade the imaging train to the VSI Super Stack (see the web site), drop the AstroPhysics focal reducer, and substitute for the Optec NextGEN Ultra WideField 0.7XL.  This would be the ultimate set-up that could be easily transferred to another future telescope. I called Paul today to discuss the imaging train and place the order for the Super Stack.  It was great speaking with Paul.