Assembly of Imaging Train

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I assembled the Van Slyke Super Stack today.  I wrote a detailed review of the Super Stack that will hopefully get posted to Cloudy Nights AstroClassifieds, and iceinspace.  The only problem I had with assembly was getting the telescope docking converter threaded on.  The tight tolerances of the VSI female threads didn't like the loose tolerances of the Meade male threads.  A little WD-40, 7 or so iterations of threading on and off, and clean up of the contaminated threads resulted in the converter threading on nicely.

There was also a mishap in that Paul Van Slyke made the metal thumbscrew for the motor mounting bracket too long.  So, if no bracket is present, and the thumbscrew is screwed in too far, it will score the moving draw tube.  I wasn't happy, even though the score is only cosmetic.  I mentioned it to Paul, but he just acknowledged it as a mistake. I was hoping for something better.  But no big deal.

I did mention to Paul that I noticed how the MicroDial pushes against an American Nickel.  His reply: "Even though the Toads are a relatively new product, you are the first person to notice the nickel. Very observant!"